CareerSource Tampa Bay launches new Podcast

CareerSource Tampa Bay (CSTB) is joining the popular platform of podcasting. Podcasting will allow CSTB to provide more information directly to job seekers and business leaders in Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County.

Image by Florante Valdez from Pixabay

The official podcast of CareerSource Tampa Bay is called, “What’s working with Tampa Bay!”  The podcast can be found by going to the CSTB website at  Podcast listeners can also subscribe to the program by searching for the program title on Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

“CareerSource Tampa Bay is committed to advancing Florida’s workplace and economy,” says CSTB CEO John Flanagan. “Through offering this tool, we hope to build better relationships with our customers and empower the community through offering a full range of professional services in a way that is portable and convenient.  Podcasts are a great way to get our message out about CareerSource Tampa Bay, our programs and how we can help businesses and job seekers in Hillsborough County.”

The CareerSource Tampa Bay’s mission statement is to connect talent to opportunity.  The podcast will feature a variety of topics that interest both employers and job seekers.   CSTB has recorded several podcasts leading up to the official launch including one with Hillsborough County Commissioner Sandra Murman and John Flanagan speaking on Covid-19 issues and how CSTB can help.

“Podcasting is very popular throughout the country,” said CSTB Public Relations & Marketing Director, Doug Tobin.   “Many people are listening to podcasts on their way to and from work each day.  With Covid-19 people will be looking for even more information about jobs and the workforce.”

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  1. Fix the system! I want my Unemployment benefits and cant access the online app. Still waiting for any response to my emails and that paper I mailed in.
    Focus on processing apps. Not creating false advertisements for your failed system.

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