Former Tampa Child Protective Investigator Megan Jaquiss arrested for stalking former boyfriend

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that one of their former child protective investigator trainees, Megan Jaquiss, was arrested Friday and charged with stalking an ex-boyfriend over the past year.

Megan Jaquiss arrested stalking
Megan Jaquiss

Deputies explained that Jaquiss, 25, sent her ex-boyfriend “hundreds of harassing text messages and accessed multiple online accounts in his name without consent” between October of last year and now.

Jaquiss also used cellphone apps to disguise her number so it would appear that the texts and calls were coming from other numbers.

At one point, the woman filed false complaints with Pasco County that her ex had committed acts of animal cruelty and noise violations.

In August, Jquiss used his personal information to file a job application with a plumbing company “for the sole purpose of annoying and harassing him,” deputies said.

Jaquiss was charged with stalking, sending threatening or harassing telephone calls, harassment by use of personal identification and accessing a computer or electronic device without authority.

”I hold any employee of the Sheriff’s Office to the highest standards,” Sheriff Chad Chronister said in a statement “Our jobs are to protect the public and make others feel safe. The behavior of this former employee is not a reflection of our office.”

“No one, regardless of gender, should have to deal with being repeatedly contacted and harassed,” he added. “We are thankful that the person Ms. Jaquiss was harassing spoke up. I hope any victim who is dealing with stalking or unwanted attention has the courage to reach out to the sheriff’s office for help.”

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