Gus Bilirakis joins David Jolly in requesting additional Zika funding

Congressman Gus Bilirakis (FL-12), along with Congressmen Dennis Ross (FL-15) and David Jolly (FL-13), recently sent a letter to bipartisan leaders of Congress requesting additional funding and resources to address the Zika virus.


The members write: “To date, health officials have identified roughly 500 travel-related infections of the Zika virus in the State of Florida. Alarmingly, at least 69 of these cases have been found infecting pregnant women. Additionally, there have been over 40 confirmed cases of non-travel related transmission of the Zika virus in our state… It is time to put politics aside and work together to provide the funding and resources critical for state and local governments to combat this growing threat.”

“The Zika virus is a growing threat in our local communities, and across the nation,” added Congressman Bilirakis. “We recently confirmed a non-travel related case in Pinellas, and concerns are growing every day. This funding would be used to provide more Zika testing kits, support more research, and boost mosquito control and prevention efforts to help us keep our communities safe.”


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  1. A thesis written by Elizabeth Kathleen McCraven (University of New Orleans) Electro-Disinfection of Ballast Water, can be found on the web, it states that it is known that mosquito larvae is in ballast water. Her statements on mosquitos and ballast water are written in plain talk that speaks volumes about the way the ballast water is being looked at in regards to mosquito movement. Ballast systems also carry bacteria, virus and algae. Algae acts as a host for bacteria and virus. Mosquitos feed on algae.
    Building land based treatment and disposal facilities for all ships would be faster and safer than the current Coast Guard plan to install equipment only on ships. One can only imagine the jobs this would create not to mention revenue.

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