Lake Gibson school teacher Leslie Bushart arrested for sexual relations with a student

A Polk County middle school teacher,  Leslie Bushart, was arrested Thursday for having sexual relations with a juvenile, after the boy’s parents notified the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on June 16.

Bushart, 49, confessed to another person at a graduation party on June 6 that she performed oral sex on the teen. This person told the victim’s mother who confronted Bushart. Bushart then quickly left the party.

Bushart reached out to the boy’s mother on Facebook Messenger and tried to rationalize her behavior by claiming she was drunk at the party.

Detectives said when they met with Bushart she confessed to the crime.

Bushart told detectives she and the boy walked away from the crowd and she tried to smoke marijuana, but was so drunk she couldn’t get it lit. She said she then had sexual relations with the victim.

“Leslie Bushart victimized a teenage boy. She betrayed her profession, as well as her friends during what was supposed to be a very special day. There is technically one victim in this case, but the entire family and school community have suffered from this,” Sheriff Grady Judd said.

Bushart was arrested yesterday and has been charged with lewd battery.

She is a teacher at Lake Gibson Middle School, teaching for 29 years.

Leslie Bushart

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