Lisa Theroux san antonio murder suicide

Lisa Theroux identified as Texas woman who murder her parents, James Browning, Elizabeth Browning, then self

A shocking Texas murder suicide has landed in the national headlines as police identified Lisa Theroux as the woman who murdered her elderly parents, James Browning and wife Elizabeth, before killing herself at a Northeast Side home Thursday.

Theroux, 50, called 911 to confess murdering her parents, James Browning, 84, his wife and Lisa’s mother, Elizabeth Browning, 79, Thursday morning, just before 7 a.m.

When police arrived at the home located in the 5000 Round Table Drive, they found Theroux in the backyard suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and her parents dead inside the home.

Theroux was taken to a local hospital, placed on life support, but died Friday, the San Antonio Police Department confirmed Friday.

Police said they don’t know why Theroux killed her parents.

“We know both parents were in ailing health and the daughter had been staying with them for the last 10 days, but we don’t know if that had anything to do with this shooting,” Chief William McManus said Thursday.

According to the school district, Theroux had been a substitute teacher for Christoval ISD since December 2016.

She resigned Wednesday by email.

“I feel it best that I resign as a substitute for personal reasons. Thank you! It has been a pleasure working with you!” said Theroux.

The district said Theroux was also a “dedicated leader for the Christoval ISD Band Boosters program.”

Lisa Theroux san antonio murder suicide
Lisa Theroux

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