Media ignore Tony McDade pointed gun at police after stabbing, killing Malik Jackson

The headlines at Mother Jones, Rolling Stone and other outlets describe Tony McDade as a transgender black man who was shot and killed by police. Sadly, the reports don’t lead with the key facts that McDade was wanted for the fatal stabbing of Malik Jackson and point a handgun at police before they opened fire.

Mother Jones offered up the misleading and disgusting lead of “The Police Killing You Probably Didn’t Hear About This Week” implying injustice, police brutality and racism.

“The circumstances surrounding McDade’s death are still murky. Tallahassee police say McDade was a suspect in a fatal stabbing that occurred shortly before his death. Police say he was armed with a handgun and he ‘made a move consistent with using the firearm against the officer.’”

Here’s the quote/source they added: “Tony was a queer Black American who was gunned down by law enforcement,” says Gina Duncan, director of Transgender Equality for Equality Florida, a statewide LGBTQ advocacy organization. “Nothing can erase that. Talking about Tony’s earlier brushes with the law should not diminish the humanity of this being a person who is now dead and certainly shouldn’t diminish the fact that society failed Tony. Tony was calling out for help and society failed Tony in so many ways.”

Society failed Tony who had murdered someone and recorded a video, planning a suicide mission of sorts, plotting to pull a weapon on police to get killed.

“Just know before I kill myself through a shootout, because that’s what’s going to happen, because I’m [going to] pull it out and you know these officers nowadays they see a gun they just [going to] shoot,” McDade said in a Facebook video recorded early Wednesday morning.”So that’s what I’m pushing for, because I don’t want to be here on earth dealing with the government.”

“Another Black Man, Tony McDade, Was Shot and Killed by Police Last Week,” was the title over at Rolling Stone.

“The details surrounding McDade’s death are mu rky. According to the Tallahassee Police Department, McDade, a trans man, was approached by police as a suspect in a stabbing that had taken place earlier in the day on May 27. Police Chief Lawrence Revelle reported that ‘the suspect was in possession of a handgun, and a bloody knife was found at the scene.'”

Yes, the details are again murky in the eyes of the press who can’t easily contort the facts to fit their narrative. detailed the Jackson murder:

Jackson, 21, was killed Wednesday morning in a brutal stabbing outside his mother’s house on Saxon Street.

The suspect, Natosha “Tony” McDade, who lived next door, fled the scene but was shot and killed 15 minutes later after allegedly pointing a gun at a Tallahassee police officer outside a Holton Street apartment complex.

The bloodshed left the Bond community — and two families living side by side — reeling with anguish. Malik’s aunt, Abigail Jackson, tried to process the loss Thursday night, as loved ones gathered for a candlelight vigil across the street from his mom’s house.

In another report, Chief Lawrence Revell said that no wrongdoing appeared to occur in McDade’s shooting with officers, but a grand jury would be reviewing the case.

It’s hard to listen to these and other outlets when the agenda overshadows the facts in the case. A grand jury will review the police shooting and death of McDade, who went on a suicide mission to instigate the police into a fatal shootout.

The real injustice is the death of Malik Jackson, a man who’s death was lost in the narrative and desire of the reporters to paint America as a racist and police as bigoted.

Tony McDade


  1. I don’t feel happy that you have given us the full story either. What has happened to truthful investigative reporting in Mr Trump’s USA?

    1. Author

      Please advise which story/topic you think needs more investigation?

  2. Absent from this narrative is the black eyewitness’ testimony that paints a much different story than the officer’s

    1. Author

      Then the trail can unearth those details

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