New Port Richey Pest Control Company Jumps In With Both Feet to Help Military Families

For the first six months after Crenshaw Termite and Pest Control registered to be a GreenCare for Troops volunteer it was pretty quiet. The company was not matched with a military family but as is often the case with deployments that can change in a hurry.

After the initial lull, Crenshaw is now matched with three military families and is ready and willing to help more.

David Crenshaw, CEO of the New Port Richey, Florida-based company, says they have a long history serving military families and veterans. The company, which was founded in 1972 by his father, takes care of customer’s pest control and lawn care needs from four branches across the Tampa/St. Pete region.

Crenshaw’s niece, Crissy, first brought the GreenCare for Troops program to his attention a year ago and he immediately said they wanted in.

“My father was a World War II Navy veteran and supporting military personnel and their families has always held a special spot for us,” says Crenshaw. “There is a strong military presence in the Tampa area and many families that could use a helping hand during deployments.”

The company is providing lawn care and mosquito control services for two families in Spring Hill and Tampa, respectively, as well as a service that does not fit into most GreenCare for Troops volunteer’s profile – structural pest management.

The Florida market is unique in that many professional pest management companies offer both lawn care and pest control services.

The company might be the first GreenCare for Troops volunteer to be treating a military family’s home for German cockroaches but Crenshaw says they are happy to provide whatever services they can to ease the burden on military families on the home front.

“The peace of mind we provide a soldier, sailor or airman and their family that needed services like pest control are being looked after while they are away is very valuable,” says Crenshaw. “No one likes weeds in their lawn but mosquitoes and cockroaches can present a health threat to people and need to be taken care of promptly.”

Crissy Crenshaw says the military families are appreciative of the services and the feeling is mutual with the technicians who service the homes and yards.

“Our technicians, many of whom have military backgrounds themselves or ties to the military, appreciate the fact they are delivering important services and lending a hand to a military family,’ says Crissy Crenshaw. “We as a company are quite proud to be involved with GreenCare for Troops and hope to do more in the future.”

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GreenCare for Troops is presented with the support of Nufarm, Toro, SiteOne Landscape Supply and Arborjet/Ecologel.

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