Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon and Sheriff John Mina kneel and pray with protesters

As some protests and rallies erupt into riots and lootings over the last few days, Orange County Sheriff’s Office shows Sheriff John Mina and Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon made headlines by kneeling and praying with protesters.

According to WOFL, Rolon urged protesters to do their part “to make sure make sure no one tarnishes what you’re trying to do, tarnishes the reputation of our community,” referring to looters trying to take advantage of the situation.

Sheriff Mina asked protesters to gather peacefully and get out their frustrations.

“We get it, we get it, man. We’re hurting. What happened in Minneapolis was wrong, man. That was dead wrong,” Mina said.

“We share the grief in the killing of #GeorgeFloyd. We need to use these opportunities to come together & talk about these issues,” the sheriff’s office wrote in the post on Twitter.

The photo(s) went viral across social media, check out the tweets below.


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