Rebekah Jones, fired DOH employee, tweets video of police serving a warrant at her home

Rebekah Jones, the former Florida Department of Health data scientist, who was fired from her job in May and has since started her own COVID-19 dashboard, tweeted today a video showing a raid by police officers with her husband and children apparently upstairs (see below).


Jones tweeted: At 8:30 am this morning, state police came into my house and took all my hardware and tech. They were serving a warrant on my computer after DOH filed a complaint. They pointed a gun in my face. They pointed guns at my kids.

They took my phone and the computer I use every day to post the case numbers in Florida, and school cases for the entire country. They took evidence of corruption at the state level. They claimed it was about a security breach. This was DeSantis. He sent the gestapo.

This is what happens to scientists who do their job honestly. This is what happens to people who speak truth to power. I tell them my husband and my two children are upstairs… and THEN one of them draws his gun. On my children. This is Desantis’ Florida.



  1. There is a dark force taking shape in this country that’s very much reminiscent of the rise of the Nazis in the 1930s. in 15 years Germany went from a free democracy to one where the SS was beating people in the streets for not being loyal to the Nazi party. Think I am exaggerating? Study the rise of the Nazis.

  2. First they came for the scientists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a scientist.

    Then they came for the truth… until there was none left.

  3. She hacked a site used for Emergency Communications. She is an unstable woman with a record of doing crazy things. She will probably dupe many people into sending her money by playing the victim because no one will look any further than this article, which conveniently leaves out any damaging information. Stop falling for the nonsense narratives of the media. Research before you put out silly statements about Nazis. This woman’s story of how she is being persecuted is pure bs.

    1. Innocent until proven guilty!
      You would have made a wonderful Nazi party member. It’s only about law and order, right? You support a police state and the largest imprisoned population in the world. I’ll bet you also claim to support freedom… You don’t support freedom if you support a police state.

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