Ron DeSantis: Rush is the GOAT of radio

Upon the passing of talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh last week, many people offered tribute to Limbaugh on social media and elsewhere, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

In a statement last week, the Governor wrote:

Casey and I are truly saddened to learn of the passing of fellow Floridian and our friend, Rush Limbaugh. Born into a family of Missouri lawyers, Rush pursued what was, for a Limbaugh, the road less traveled: a career in radio.

Through hard work, the will to succeed and, yes, talent on loan from God, Rush became the most dominant radio personality in American history.

His skills behind the Golden EIB Microphone were matched only by his ability to connect with his listeners across the fruited plain-the hard-working, God-fearing and patriotic Americans who were and are the subject of derision and ridicule by the legacy media.

Rush busted through a media landscape in which a handful of media outlets served up pre-cooked, liberal narratives. By providing a fresh, conservative perspective, Rush attracted millions of listeners and paved the way for the proliferation of conservative media. Rush was no flash in the pan-he was a dominant force in radio for decades.

Rush is the GOAT-of radio, of conservative media and of inspiring a loyal army of American patriots.

We don’t know who will succeed Rush as America’s anchorman, but we do know that nobody will ever replace him.


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