Staying Safe During Your Florida Vacation

Florida is a great place to take a family vacation. An escape with loved ones can be just the right getaway to relax together, enjoy the beauty of the beach, and maybe try something new. Some of the most enjoyable beach vacations with family involve lounging after a fun morning of water sports. With miles of beaches along both coasts and glimmering shorelines on the Gulf of Mexico, there is a beach vacation for everyone.

But it is important to remember to keep safety at the forefront of mind when vacationing. All too often, people let their guard down while they’re out for fun in the sun and relaxation. Safety, however, should never be put on the backburner, especially when participating in activities on or around watercraft.

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Finding Safe Beach Accommodations 

There are many places to stay in Florida. Whether staying at a traditional hotel, a beachside suite, or renting a house, the options are vast and you can find the right place for your family. Regardless of the accommodation, consider the safety and security protocols of the facility, along with which amenities are available. You may also want to think about its proximity to the beach so that you can lounge and enjoy some boating and water sports when you get ready and avoid having to travel too far.

Boating Activities and Safety in Water Sports

In addition to enjoying relaxing activities, the beach provides an opportunity to participate in additional watersports and boating activities that make vacation experiences unique. Whether the thrill of taking a jet ski or Waverunners out into the open water, or taking a leisurely boat tour, vacation excursions are a fun treat. 

To protect yourself during boating activities on vacation, it is important to use reputable boating companies that take their safety standards seriously and meet state and local legal and safety requirements. For example, many who vacation to St. Pete Beach may enjoy taking a sea kayak out into the ocean or paddle boarding. Taking safety precautions, such as asking for instruction on the activity and wearing the available safety gear provided including safety vests, is very important. Checking the weather for safet is also a must to make sure you don’t get into a dangerous situation due to rough water or high winds from approaching storms. 

Boat operators should have adequate experience and proper licensing to keep passengers safe. If you have the opportunity to rent a boat yourself, you want to make sure that whoever is going to operate the boat is able to do so safely. Do not let family feelings get in the way of prioritizing safety, and if a hired boat operator makes you uncertain, you should trust yourself to look into the safety of the boat and company. 

Liability Waivers

The company renting out the equipment has liability waivers that it asks all participants to sign. These waivers are designed to protect the company if you  happen to be injured while participating in beach water sports. These waivers are legal documents, these documents attempt to limit one’s rights to recover from an accident. Read them very carefully and ask questions if you are unsure prior to signing.

Florida has so much to offer on a beach vacation. Many families have had some great moments learning to paddle board, improve kayak skills, and watch others take out the wave bikes or a pontoon boat. With safety in mind, everyone can look forward to returning again for another day of fun in the sun as a family. 

Author: Brian Denney

Bio: BRIAN R. DENNEY is a shareholder at Searcy Denney Scarola Barnhart & Shipley in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has earned Florida Bar Board Certification in Civil Trial Law, the highest level of recognition for the competency and experience of a civil trial lawyer. Mr. Denney routinely works with individuals and families throughout Florida whose lives have been devastated due to the negligence of others. He takes pride in developing positive relationships with his clients in order to help them navigate through the legal process and better serve as their advocate at trial.

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