USF professor discusses Naegleria fowleri and other amoeba on Tampa talk show

Naegleria fowleri, or the “brain-eating amoeba” is a parasite commonly found in warm freshwater (e.g. lakes, rivers, and hot springs) and of the 140 or so known cases in the US, 35 are from Florida alone.

Associate Professor of Infectious Disease and International Medicine at USF Health in Tampa, Sandra Gompf, MD, joined me on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show to talk about N. fowleri and related free-living amoeba, Acanthamoeba species, and Balamuthia mandrillaris.

Not only is Dr. Gompf an infectious disease physician, her and her husband tragically lost their son Philip in 2009 to a devastating N. fowleri infection.

Show notes:

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Jordan Smelski Foundation for Amoeba Awareness

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Listen below:

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