Vaccine Preventable Diseases: Hillsborough County reports 4 pertussis and 5 chickenpox cases in January

The state of Florida saw 20 confirmed and probable pertussis, or whooping cough cases among 15
counties in January.

Dtap vaccine/Amanda Mills-CDC

Four of these cases were reported in Hillsborough County.

There were no outbreaks of pertussis reported in January. For every pertussis case identified, there was an average of two exposed contacts who were recommended antibiotics to prevent illness.

Statewide, infants less than one year old had the highest incidence of pertussis.

In addition, forty-eight confirmed and probable varicella, or chickenpox cases were reported among 22 counties in January. Hillsborough County reported five varicella cases in January.

Six outbreaks of varicella were reported statewide in January.

In January, children age less than one year old had the highest incidence of varicella. 1 in 5 cases this month were not up-to-date on vaccinations.

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