2019 Florida Legislative Session Review

By Liberty First Network

The 2019 Florida Legislative session is now in the books, ending officially on May 4th. We are still waiting to see which bills will be signed or vetoed by Governor DeSantis.

Florida House Seal
Image/Florida House of Representatives

All in all, this session went smoothly, considering past wars between the Republican lead House, Senate and Governor. Past sessions have seen wars spring up between the three leaders, much like the 2017 session between then Speaker Corcoran and Governor Scott over economic development programs like Enterprise Florida and Visit Florida. In 2016, the House and Senate feuded over the budget and the House refused to negotiate any further, gaveled down and left Tallahassee before the end of session.

The 2019 session started with new leadership, Governor Ron DeSantis, House Speaker Jose Oliva and Senate President Bill Galvano. The three leaders promised to have a more congenial and harmonious relationship between the three and seemingly more agreements on policy. This agreement to work together came to fruition as the session came to an end. Each of the three leaders agreed to pass each other’s priorities and there was very little dissension among the three that has plagued past sessions.

The 2019 session got off to a great start, when Governor DeSantis signed an executive order to remove common core. Click here for an overview of the 2019 Legislative session.

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