51 Get Food Poisoning at a Wedding in Iowa

By Jory Lange

Lindsey Graham-Humphreys told the Des Moines Register that 51 people got food poisoning from food served by Fireside Grille at her wedding. 

Image by Nina Garman from Pixabay

When the Iowa Department of Inspections inspected the Fireside Grille, they found multiple health code violations.  State health investigators found that pork and tomatoes were stored at improper temperatures, mold inside the ice machine, an empty soap pump at a handwashing station, and missing warnings on menus.  

Lindsey Graham-Humphries said she went to the Iowa Department of Health after the Fireside Grille manager was unhelpful in resolving the problem.  Ms. Graham-Humphries reports that the Fireside Grille manager ultimately stopped responding to her and her concerns about her wedding guests getting food poisoning.

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