AAA predicts less travel for Memorial Day

AAA predicted that fewer people are likely to take a trip this Memorial Day weekend due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, so for the first time in 20 years, the automotive club is not issuing a travel forecast.

“Last year, 43 million Americans traveled for Memorial Day Weekend — the second-highest travel volume on record since AAA began tracking holiday travel volumes in 2000,” said Paula Twidale, senior vice president, AAA Travel. “With social distancing guidelines still in practice, this holiday weekend’s travel volume is likely to set a record low.”

AAA says travel will rise during the summer and into the fall.

Already, there are indications that Americans’ wanderlust is inspiring them to plan future vacations,” AAA said in a press release.

AAA reports that its online bookings have been rising “modestly” since mid-April. AAA predicts that when people deem it is safe to travel, they will likely head to U.S. destinations.

Memorial Day 2009 holds the record for the lowest travel volume.

In a March AAA Travel survey, 90% of the 173 million Americans who had summer vacations on the books had planned to take a U.S.-based vacation.

“The saying goes that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Americans are taking that first step toward their next journey from the comfort of their home by researching vacation opportunities and talking with travel agents,” said Twidale. “We are seeing that Americans are showing a preference and inspiration to explore all that our country has to offer as soon as it is safe to travel.”

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