Andrew Cuomo says ripping down historical statues is ‘a healthy expression’ of anger against racism

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday that taking down historical statues of notable American leaders is “a healthy expression” of anger alleged systemic racism and historic problems.

Cuomo was responding to a question about agreement with President Donald Trump’s guidance that cities should be doing “more to protect monuments,” Cuomo said municipal leaders are already “making decisions.”

“I don’t even know what the President’s guidance is … Cities are making decisions,” Cuomo told NBC News’ “Today” show.

“The Teddy Roosevelt statue I think was less about Teddy Roosevelt but the other parts of that statue. And look, people are making a statement about equality, about community to be against racism, against slavery,” Cuomo told the outlet.

“I think those are good statements,” Cuomo said, adding that it was possible to “overdo it” but that he didn’t think that was the case in New York.  “And I think it’s a healthy expression of people saying, ‘Let’s get some priorities here and let’s remember the sin and mistake that this nation made and let’s not celebrate it.’”

The White House responded in a tweet Tuesday to Cuomo’s comments, “Governor Cuomo alone is to blame for refusing to shut down New York and forcing seniors who tested positive for coronavirus back into his state’s nursing homes.”

Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Sunday that the statue of President Theodore Roosevelt would be removed from the entrance of the Museum of Natural History. Protesters Friday tore down statues of President and Civil War Gen. Ulysses S. Grant as well as American anthem composer Francis Scott Key in San Francisco.


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