Anthony Rivera arrested, charged with manslaughter of April Morrow

The man accused of causing the crash that killed a St. Pete mother April Morrow, now faces a manslaughter charge. Morrow’s family says that the charges are not severe enough as the seek “justice for mom.”

Rivera, 24, was involved in an altercation with Morrow, 40, and her sister Tina, back on April 19 in St. Petersburg, near the Obama Express on 18th Ave. South. Investigators claim Rivera followed Morrow in a separate vehicle, ran them off of the road causing the car crash.

April’s vehicle struck a telephone pole and she died.

“Tina Morrow got in her car, her sister was the passenger, and then this man Anthony Rivera, was in another vehicle, he followed them, he chased them,” said St Pete Police PIO Yolanda Fernandez.

“It was exciting. We got justice for my mom,” said Raven Britten, one of Morrow’s daughters.

“I hear my sister screaming in my ear constantly because that was the last thing she did before she left me,” said Tina Morrow.

Rivera bonded out of jail soon after he was arrested as he still faces charges of manslaughter and leaving the scene of a crash involving death for what St. Pete Police say was his role in the crash.

Morrow’s family, however, says the charges should’ve been more severe. They believe Rivera should serve a life sentence for what he’s accused of, and hope they won’t have to wait long for see him pay for his crimes.

“He was supposed to get life,” said Britten. “He took my mom’s life.”

“He took my sister’s life and he did it intentionally, he knew exactly what he was doing when he did it and how he did it and he left the scene of an accident,” Tina said.

Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera

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