Chicago School Dean Joseph Bruno brags about sex toys in Queer Sex Education program

Dean of Students Joseph Bruno from Francis W. Parker School has made headlines after bragging about bringing LGBT activists to teach students about queer sex, using dildos and butt plugs.

The seminar for 14 to 18-year-old students has been the center of a firestorm after Project Veritas released a new video showing Bruno discussing the program.

“So, I’ve been the Dean for four years. During Pride- we do a Pride Week every year- I had our LGBTQ+ Health Center come in. They were passing around butt plugs and dildos to my students, talking about queer sex, using lube versus using spit.”

Bruno also stated that they had a drag queen come in to “pass out cookies and brownies and do photos” with the minors.

The Tweet with the video, via Libs of Tik Tok is below.

Project Veritas asked Bruno if the parents complained about the seminar, he responded by saying- “no, it’s queer sex.” He went on to brag about how the private school that charges $40,000 annually had enough money in their budget to teach children these lessons.

The reporters also asked him whether the institution’s trustees were okay with the seminar. Joseph Bruno claimed that they were unaware of it being conducted. He added- “I wouldn’t even like run it by them. Like, why would I run it by them?”


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