Cindy Stuart sworn in as Hillsborough County Clerk of Court, replacing Pat Frank

Former Hillsborough County School Board member Cindy Stuart was sworn in as Hillsborough County Clerk of Court and Comptroller Monday morning.

Stuart is replacing Pat Frank, who retired after serving as clerk for 16 years.

Stuant and Frank are both Democrats, both serving as a Hillsborough County School Board member before becoming clerk.

“I will be a hands on leader as most of you know I don’t sit still for long,” Stuart said at the event. “The clerk’s office plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of this local government here. I will work with the Florida Legislature to ensure that we continue to receive the funding that we need to continue to do this work for the public.”

Stuart discussed “clerk workdays,” an initiative in which she plans to visit facilities each month to work with the different offices directly, planning to visit courtrooms, spend time helping with jury duty and visit remote clerk locations.

Stuart defeated Kevin Beckner with 53% of the vote in the Democratic Primary.

Cindy Stuart

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