Clearwater’s Sun Works Plastics offers plastic shields and sneeze guards in fight against COVID

Sun Works Plastics has switched from serving clients such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Macy’s to delivering plastic protection shields and sneeze guards to doctor and veterinarian offices.

“Some of our customer base is Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Macy’s Tiffany & Company,” said Brian Myregaard, President & Owner of Sun Works Plastics in a new interview posted on Bay News 9.

“We’ve been here in Clearwater for 32 years,” said Myregaard.

With some of Sun Works clients closed because of COVID-19, the company is now putting its plastic to other use.

“It’s caused us to think outside the box that we’ve been in and create some protection shields,” said Myregaard.

“For the medical industry, for the restaurant industry, the banking industry,” said Myregaard, who explained how his products are different than other shields available.

“We tried to differentiate ourselves by bending wings on the side and the top lip,” said Myregaard.

Sun Works Plastics

From their most recent Facebook post:

“Plastic Protection Shields and Plastic Sneeze Guards for medical offices, veterinary offices, general office space and independent retailers. Help protect your staff from patient/customer germs with these Plastic Protection Shields and Plastic Sneeze Guards. Please call or email to order.”

Contact info: Call (727) 580-2655

Plastic Sneeze Guards and Plastic Protection Shields at Green Bench Dental, created by Sun Works Plastics photo/ Facebook

With the increased demand for shields, Sun Works will continue to manufacture them even when its regular clients are back up and running.

“It actually gives me a lot of comfort, makes me feel good that I’m able to do be in an industry that I can at this time provide some security and safety and reduce some anxiety,” said Myregaard.

This is not a sponsored post, just awareness of a resource benefit many in the Tampa region.

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  1. Hello,
    I am Joseph Csordas and I would like to know if you have Sneeze Guard available below are the Specs.

    32″ x 36″ x1/4″ thick
    With Pass Thru
    Center Cut Out Size 18″ W x 6″ H
    Type: Countertop

    If yes,then get back to me with the prices and the major credit cards you accept.Thank You.

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