Comic book creator Vita Ayala pushes Cisphobia, sexism in bigoted tweets

DC Comics writer Vita Ayala tweeted about a new position at Marvel Comics, an associate editor, calling for only minorities apply before clarifying exclusion to “cis dudes.”

“Black and Brown people, especially femme people, please apply,” Ayala first tweeted at former Marvel writer Angélique Roché who shared the position:

“Marvel Entertainment is seeking a pop culture expert to join Marvel Digital Media in the role of an Associate Editor.”

“Responsible for the creation and curation of content on, the Associate Editor must be an expert in the Marvel Universe with deep knowledge of Marvel characters across comic books, video games and more, in addition to the larger universe of fandom,” the description concluded.

As first reported over at Bounding into Comics, Ayala then wrote after some pushback that “The fact that people are angry that I tweeted that Black and Brown people should apply and call it racism is funny and sad at the same time” and ““I hope they figure themselves out sometime soon, because they are only telling on themselves with that nonsense.”

After these posts, Ayala attempted to “clarify” with “Black and Brown people, queer people, people that are not cis dudes, and any combo of the above, if you are even a little curious about being an Associate Editor for Marvel, click through.”

“Bigots loathe the idea of Black and Brown people, queer people, non-cis dude people, and any intersection of the above apply for this job,” she then tweeted. 

“They EXTRA despise that I (an Afro-Puerto Rican trans non-binary person who works in the industry) am encouraging the above to apply,” she claimed.

Ayala is currently the writer on Nubia & The Amazons, Wonder Woman, and Batman: Urban Legends.

Vita Ayala photo screenshot YouTube

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