Congressman Jeff Miller joins Veterans who denounce Donald Trump

Earlier today, Congressman Jeff Miller (FL-1) introduced Donald Trump at a speech about veterans’ issues where Trump sought to hide his decades of disdain for those who have served our country. Donald Trump has fraudulently touted his support for men and women in uniform while lying about donating money to veterans’ groups, insulting prisoners of war, signaling he wants to privatize the VA, and leading companies that have fired employees because of their military service, while continually praising Saddam Hussein.

Unlike Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will be a president who fights for veterans and military families. She will ensure that all veterans have access to the opportunities and tools they need to succeed upon returning home and has announced robust agendas to support veterans and military families.

 photo Gage Skidmore, 2011 CPAC
photo Gage Skidmore, 2011 CPAC

Today, veterans across Florida spoke out against Donald Trump and Congressman Jeff Miller (FL-1), while reiterating their support of Hillary Clinton:

“Military families across Florida and around the country understand that there is only one candidate in this race who is prepared to serve as Commander-in-Chief. For decades, Hillary Clinton has worked to support our troops abroad and empower veterans back home. It’s ridiculous that we have a candidate running for president who has repeatedly disrespected those who have proudly served our country and it’s disappointing that any member of Congress would stand by his side,” said Les Thackston, U.S. Navy Veteran.

“No matter how many times Donald Trump tries to exploit veterans’ issues for political purposes, military families know that we can’t afford to have a reckless president who lacks knowledge on national security. Trump has an alarming pattern of treating veterans with disdain and it’s unfortunate that a Congressman from Florida would support a candidate with a history of diminishing military service. As veterans, we deserve a president who treats us with respect and proposes real solutions to the complex challenges we face. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who meets that standard,” said Cartlon Cartwright, U.S. Air Force Veteran.

“Donald Trump is again boasting that he would take care of veterans, but throughout this campaign it has been clear that he is only looking out for himself. He has a disturbing record of insulting those who served our country with distinction and questioning our commitment and trustworthiness overseas in Iraq. Most troubling is his lack of experience with the military and his rhetoric towards our allies. Hillary Clinton has the experience necessary to understand the complexities of the world we currently live in. She has a real plan to support military families, expand veteran access to health care, and create new job opportunities. For veterans, the choice in this election could not be clearer because experience matters,” said Chadwick Maxey, Former U.S. Army Major.

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