COVID-19: Cases in Hillsborough County top 200

As of Saturday, March 28, there are 4,038 total Florida cases, 56 deaths, and 567 hospitalized. In Hillsborough County, there are 206 total cases.

Of those cases, 200 are residents and 6 are non-residents. The age range for the cases in the county are 0 to 86, with an average age of 44. There are 99 men and 94 women diagnosed with COVID-19 in Hillsborough.

Unfortunately, there have been 2 deaths and 30 people are hospitalized.

Outside of Hillsborough County, Dade (1121), Broward (820) and Palm Beach (318) counties have reported the most cases by county.

Elsewhere in the Bay area, Pinellas County has reported 111 cases and four deaths, Sarasota County has reported 50 cases and two deaths, Polk County has reported 37 cases and Pasco County has reported 34 cases and two deaths.


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