Governor DeSantis

DeSantis unveils occupational licensing reform

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis unveiled his new occupational licensing reform agenda today to increase professional opportunity for Floridians. 

Governor DeSantis

“There are many reasons Florida is a great place to find meaningful work, but there is always more we can do to get government out of the way and increase opportunity,” said Governor DeSantis. “The proposals I’ve announced today will build on our efforts to remove unnecessary, burdensome regulations and barriers for Floridians looking to pursue their dreams. I look forward to working with our partners in the Legislature to get these reforms across the finish line and I am excited about what we can accomplish to increase opportunities for Floridians.”

First, the Governor announced his support for a comprehensive bill to limit or remove unnecessary occupational licensing requirements for professions that require licensure from DBPR. Importantly, the bill will include a provision that prohibits DBPR and any board under DBPR’s jurisdiction from disciplining a current licensee and preventing a prospective licensee based solely on the licensee’s defaulting or becoming delinquent on a federal or state-guaranteed student loan or scholarship obligation.

Second, the Governor outlined the need for a “global licensing” bill that would allow an individual’s occupational license in a certain county to be valid in all other counties in Florida. For example, if a drywall contractor received a license in Miami-Dade County, the bill would allow for that license to be valid in Pinellas County. This will allow more Floridians to more freely conduct their business in multiple counties without having to go through duplicative and burdensome licensing requirements.

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Third, the Governor advocated for a bill to “sunset” all occupational licenses. The sunset bill would require the Florida Legislature to decide on a regular basis to reauthorize or remove each license. This practice will ensure that the Legislature considers whether each license is necessary to protect the health, safety and welfare of Floridians.

Finally, the Governor announced the launch of DBPR’s second phase of its Business Information Portal. The portal offers prospective business owners and professionals a one-stop-shop to learn all state and local requirements to become a licensed professional or start and operate a business in the state of Florida. The portal currently only has state-level information.

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