Did Derek Chauvin get ‘overcharged’ leading to a lesser verdict, more protests?

During NEWS TALK with Brandon & Bob this week the topic of George Floyd’s murder case turned to the charges and possible outcomes.

One growing theory/concern is that Derek Chauvin and the officers may have been overcharged.

“Charges are legal descriptions of criminal activity, not a signifier of how seriously you take a crime,” Ben Shapiro tweeted, taking aim at Minnesota’s Attorney General, upgrading the charges. “It is very risky to overcharge; overcharging often ends in acquittal. Ellison better be charging crimes he knows he can prove.”

He continued: “Looking at the legal descriptions of third-degree and second-degree, elevation of the Floyd killing to second-degree is quite risky. It requires proving intent to kill, rather than depraved indifference to human life. That’s a heavy legal burden.”

Tim Pool offered a similar analysis, warning of future protests, check out that clip at the bottom.

Check out the clip below.

Watch the full NEWS TALK episode HERE


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