Discovery+ starts highliners series, ‘Pushing the Line,’ on June 5

What is it like to walk on a line, hundreds of feet above the ground, on a 1-inch rope that’s thinner than your belt? And why would anyone ever do it? Highlining is the coolest sport that you’ve never heard of… until now. PUSHING THE LINE, an all-new series streaming Saturday, June 5, on discovery+, follows some of the top highliners and the up-and-comers of the sport, who live together and push each other to take on the craziest places to set lines and break records.

Few people will experience highlining themselves. It requires you to be strong physically with incredible athleticism, balance, stamina to walk a long line. But you also must be strong mentally – even just to attempt getting on the line.

This all-new series takes viewers inside the world of these fearless athletes, who live every day like it could be their last. What answers are they searching for out on that line? This is an intimate look at what motivates these athletes to risk it all every day.

While what they do on the line is wild, their life together off the line can be crazier including the couple who got married – in the most public way possible – while suspended 500 feet above Moab, Utah. Their wedding was viewed more than 100 million times on social media. Now divorced, the couple is figuring out how to co-exist with each other for the first time. But can they set aside their tumultuous past in a tight-knit community where everyone knows your business?

Andy Lewis slacklining, promo photo of Discovery Channel’s “Pushing the Line”

For 30 days, cameras captured some of the top heavy-hitters of the sport including Spencer Seabrooke; Andy Lewis, the Godfather who helped invent this sport and appeared with Madonna at the Super Bowl; and Mia Noblet, who holds the world record for longest walk (for women and men). And nipping at their heels are a group of young, hungry athletes and personalities looking to put their name in the record books.

The crew will set new lines or attempt new stunts every week in some of the beautiful and challenging locations in the American West – including Moab’s iconic Fruit Bowl, where a line is strung 500-feet above the desert floor. The team will also climb the 400-foot Castleton Tower to string lines from one ledge to the next and take on the Colorado Rockies where they’ll attempt to break the US record with the highest kilometer walk in history.

Each year, these top athletes come together to test themselves and break records. But as they push the line, will they push themselves too far?

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PUSHING THE LINE is produced by 495 Productions for Discovery. SallyAnn Salsano, Josh Peters, Frank Miccolis, Drew Tappon, Josh Lansky, Matt Weber and Clay Wolflick are Executive Producers for 495. Michael Gara is Executive Producer and Paola Espinosa is Associate Producer for Discovery.

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