Dr. Ding: A coward and thin skinned? Let’s take a look

Twitter-blue check star, world renown fearmonger, political hack, nutritionist and epidemiologist, Eric Feigl-Ding, PhD has blocked me on Twitter. Why?

Because I called him out on one of his tweets that was complete foolishness.

Back on April 21, Ding tweeted the following horrible attack comparing a list of doctors to Josef Mengele.

I have deep respect for most doctors. But you can have a medical degree, but still end up a medical doctor like:

Mehmet Oz, MD

Rand Paul, MD

Ben Carson, MD

Andrew Wakefield, MD

Robert Malone, MD

Josef Mengele, MD

Anyone else come to mind? he tweeted.

The list goes on as you can see in the string of tweets.

While I am no fan of the likes of Andrew Wakefield, Joseph Mercola and physicians of that ilk, to compare or lump in together Ben Carson, Rand Paul and the rest with Josef Mengele is absurd and irresponsible.

This is where it gets interesting…

Dr. Ding tweeted the below right around the same time he blocked me. He was going after Henry Ting, MD, Delta’s Chief Health Officer..

Check out this tweet:

Look at this coward @henrytingmd blocks when he’s caught with disinformation and building disgusting corporate culture at @delta. I’ll be sure to let everyone know your thin skin after your heinous “ordinary seasonal virus” disinformation, and gutless lack of any apology.

Coward–block–thin-skinned? No irony here?!

Classic Ding in his own words…


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