Eddie Glaude likens Biden to God with Psalms quote, attacks all Trump voters

MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude praised President-elect Joe Biden ahead of the inauguration by quoting the Bible and attacked President Trump’s supporters, blaming them for the pandemic deaths.

The emotional Glaude applauded Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris for “pulling the grief and regret out of the privacy of our hearts for a moment so that we all could share it.

“I’m thinking about all those folks who, just for a moment, the nation shared their grief,” Glaude told MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace. “Oh, what a first step. What a beautiful step.”

The professor then quoted the Bible, likening Biden to God.

“I’m reminded of the Psalmist, you know, ‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds,'” Glaude added.


Glaude then took aim at the 74 million Trump voters.

“You know, we’re at a crossroads as a nation,” Glaude said.

“It’s easy for us to place all of the blame on Donald Trump. He makes it easy for us, you know? He does. But there were 75, 74-plus million people who voted for him. Selfishness, greed, you know, they run rampant across the land, but you know, there’s something that President-elect Biden said: ‘To heal is to remember. To heal is to remember.’

“So not only do we have to remember our dead, we have to remember what brought us to this moment, what got us here. And it’s not just Donald Trump. It’s not just him. And that honestly will help us walk the path that we need to walk, I hope,” Glaude continued.

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