Governor DeSantis

Florida receives $28 million in federal funding for disaster-relief employment

Governor Ron DeSantis today announced that Florida has been awarded an additional $28 million in federal funding through the U.S. Department of Labor Disaster Recovery Dislocated Worker Grant in response to COVID-19.

Governor DeSantisThis federal Disaster Recovery Dislocated Worker Grant is administered by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and will provide disaster-relief employment in the form of temporary jobs, employment and training services, and supportive services to eligible Floridians.

“As our state and local communities continue to recover from the pandemic, I am proud to announce $28 million in additional funding for disaster-relief employment,” said Governor DeSantis. “I look forward to putting these dollars to use right away to give Floridians in need an opportunity to work.”

“I want to thank Governor Ron DeSantis for his leadership and for his steps to reopen the state, so more Floridians can find gainful employment,” said Dane Eagle, Executive Director of the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity. “We look forward to helping Floridians get back to work and receive the training and support they need as we rebuild our economy.”

Earlier this year, the Department was awarded $12 million for the Disaster Recovery Dislocated Worker Grant in response to COVID-19. Disaster relief employment includes humanitarian assistance and cleanup activities. These activities may involve:

  • Providing medicine, food, and other supplies to individuals in need.
  • Assisting with setting up quarantine areas and providing assistance to quarantined individuals.
  • Working at food distribution centers and other community-support organizations.
  • Cleaning schools or sanitizing quarantine or treatment areas; and
  • Other activities related to organizing and coordinating recovery and quarantine efforts.

Individuals who qualify for disaster-relief employment are dislocated workers, workers who have been temporarily or permanently laid off as a result of COVID-19, self-employed individuals who have lost work due to COVID-19, and individuals who have been unemployed long-term.

“We are grateful for Governor DeSantis’ dedication to helping Floridians recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said CareerSource Florida President and CEO Michelle Dennard. “The Disaster Recovery Dislocated Worker Grant will help Floridians who have lost jobs by providing employment and training services. With our partners at DEO, the CareerSource Florida network is here to help our neighbors as they rebound and, ultimately, reimagine and rebuild Florida’s economy.”


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  2. To this day people are unemployment are still waiting for you to fix unemployment this day they’re still waiting for you to help Floridians you’re still in denial a virus is killing us and you’re killing Floridians with a million still documented in Florida alone and 9,000 a day with coronavirus no help in sight…You never paid the unemployment that you were supposed to for the people of Florida. People see exactly what you are vote Governor desanto’s out on the next election completely for he does nothing for the Floridian piece of garbage.yet he’s making laws to kill people on stand your ground.. I hope the first one sues you civically and stately that’s a violation of our constitution

  3. Let’s investigate Governor desantos to see how much money he made on the pandemic since Donald Trump cut in the rich.. let’s see how much he made while Floridians been suffering under his rule of iron hand like a dictator. Floridians vote him out… We don’t need another Donald Trump who destroyed this country and continues on destroying it.. disgraceful that you still have not send your congratulations to the president of the United States not named Joe Biden who you need to work under the next administration moron

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