Former Pentagon Scientist and Innovator Is Fed Up and Running for President; Florida is Next Stop on 50 State Tour

Former government scientist and presidential candidate JJ Walcutt of Oviedo, Florida might not be on the big debate stage … yet—but don’t count her out: Walcutt has a game plan to modernize federal governmentand she is traveling to all 50 states this year to make sure nonpartisan solutions are not left out of the public conversation.

Image/ Team JJ USA 

“Across the country, I’m hearing from both republicans and democrats that they’re disappointed in the politics-as-usual happening on the debate stage,” says Walcutt. “People are tired of the arguing, the empty promises and the lack of clear solutions. Something has to change.”

As a scientist and innovator with over 20 years of research experience in education, government, and military readiness, Walcutt has led modernization initiatives at the highest levels in Washington. “We have all the assets, resources and talent our nation needs to solve our problems,” she says. “We just need to show people how to work together to do it.”

Last June Walcutt quit her job at the Pentagon and NATO to pack her bags, buy an RV and start showing Americans how the government really gets work done. So far she has traveled to 33 states, learning from folks of all political stripes about shared American values. She will be heading to Florida next.

“We deserve better options than our current presidential candidates. Without executive branch experience, these candidates might know how to set goals and spend money—but not necessarily how to create the programs and pathways to achieve them. Everywhere I travel, Americans are getting excited about my nonpartisan solutions and the experience I have actually making them happen.” 

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