Forty flu outbreaks reported in Hillsborough County

The Florida Department of Health-Hillsborough County that influenza activity continues to be elevated.

Image/huntlh via pixabay

Although activity decreased in some surveillance systems in week 6, it is too early to know if influenza activity has peaked for the season. Activity remains elevated above peak levels seen in previous seasons.

So far this season, forty outbreaks of influenza or influenza-like illness have been reported in Hillsborough County.

The most important prevention measure you can take to prevent influenza infection is to receive your yearly influenza vaccine. It is not too late to receive the vaccine this year. You can receive the vaccine for free at the DOH-Hillsborough Immunizations Clinic while supplies last. Call (813) 307-8077 for more

Health officials say other important ways to prevent the spread of illness include covering your cough or sneeze, frequent handwashing with soap and water, and staying home from work or school until 24 hours fever free without the use of medication.


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