GEORGIA: Rayshard Brooks died after police shooting, Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields resigns

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced that Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields has resigned after Rayshard Brooks, a black man shot by police last night, has died from his injuries.

Rodney Bryant will become the city’s interim police chief.

Bottoms said this was Shields’ decision and she will remain with the city in an undetermined role.

Mayor Bottoms also called for the termination of the officer involved in Friday night’s deadly shooting at a Wendy’s restaurant in Atlanta.

Brooks, 27, of Atlanta, was sleeping in a parked car in the Wendy’s drive-thru lane, prompting other customers to drive around and a call to police around 10:33 p.m. Friday.

Videos leaked online showing Brooks engaging in a physical struggle with officers after failing the sobriety test. He then grabbed one of their Tasers during the struggle and attempted to flee. As officers chased after Brooks, he turned and aimed the Taser at an officer, which prompted the lethal fire back, striking and killing Brooks.

“At that point, the Atlanta officer reaches down and retrieves his weapon from his holster, discharges it, strikes Mr. Brooks there on the parking lot and he goes down,” GBI Director Vic Reynolds said Saturday.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation obtained additional surveillance video from the Wendy’s restaurant and reportedly are reviewing this and other clips posted on social media.

Officials confirmed that the officer’s body cam was knocked off during the struggle, preventing that footage from being captured.

GBI says the video will be released to the public.


Rayshard Brooks, SAY HIS NAME. An unarmed, 27 year old black man who was murdered after complaints of him sleeping in HIS vehicle in the Wendy’s Parking lot. Due to these complaints, 3 officers showed up to “deal” with Brooks. After struggling with the officers, Brooks began to run for his life, when he was shot in the back more than once. Later taken to the hospital, Brooks passed away. Struggling with police is NOT punishable by death. Grabbing a taser in order to stop from being tased is NOT punishable by death. Running away from the police unarmed, and on foot is NOT punishable by death. So for this, we need to SAY HIS NAME. Keep spreading awareness, keep protesting, keep fighting. JUSTICE FOR RAYSHARD BROOKS

Rayshard Brooks


  1. Kill the PIGS !!!! Enough is enough !!!

    Torch that Wendy’s…. and all other Wendy’s in the City. BYCOTT WENDY’S NOW.

    1. What does Wendy’s have to do with it?

    2. “Kill the PIGS !!!!” – JUST AN EVIL RESPONSE

  2. The police should of just let him run,they knew who he was and could of caught him later to bring charges on him…Or he should of followed the law and been arrested for d.u.i. either of these other alternatives would of saved his life! That’s why we need to teach our children that every decision in life has consequences. I feel sad that a life was taken and I will pray for his family. We need to follow the laws of the land…resisting and fighting is not the right decision.

  3. Since when its okay to get drunk , squat in a public place , resisting arrest , grabbing taser and trying to attack officer. With the thankless Job the Cops are doing probably they all should resign and let the moron and criminals take care of the streets.

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