Hakeem Jeffries says Democrat Voter Bill inspired by Hugo Chavez, Cesar Chavez: ‘All these leaders’

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is being criticized for his slip discussing the voting rights agenda from his fellow Democrats.

“House Democrats have delivered in each and every area, and it’s my expectation that we’ll be able to find a pathway forward with the Senate on Build Back Better, and certainly, hopefully on voting rights,” Jeffries said, before comparing Democrats’ struggle to those of Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights leaders of his era.

“And things aren’t necessarily going to happen instantaneously. It didn’t for Dr. King; it didn’t for Rosa Parks; it didn’t for Fannie Lou Hamer, or John Lewis, or A. Philip Randolph, or Roy Wilkins, or Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Shirley Chisholm. And we’re inspired — Hugo Chavez… Cesar Chavez — we’re inspired by all of these leaders,” he added.

After correcting himself, the Republican National Committee and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) launched criticisms.

“The Democrats’ election takeover bill being inspired by Hugo Chavez is a classic Washington “gaffe”—accidentally telling the truth,” Cotton tweeted.



Hakeem Jeffries

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