Hepatitis A outbreak: Florida reports 32 cases in 1st four days of 2020

In a follow-up on the hepatitis A outbreak in Florida, state health officials reported 32 outbreak cases from Jan. 1- Jan. 4, 2020.


From January 1, 2018 through January 4, 2020, 3,976 hepatitis A cases were reported.

The number of reported hepatitis A cases more than doubled from 2016 to 2017 and nearly doubled again in 2018 after remaining relatively stable in previous years. Case counts in 2019 saw an over 500% increase from 2018.

In 2020, Duval and Polk counties reported the most cases, five and four, respectively.

Hepatitis C: A Complete Guide for Patients and Families

The Florida Department of Health recommends vaccination if you:

• Are homeless or your housing is unstable.
• Use illicit recreational drugs—injected or not.
• Want protection (immunity) from the virus.
• Have adopted or care for a child who comes from a country where hepatitis A is common.
• Are 60 or older and have a serious underlying medical condition.
• Have chronic or long-term liver disease, including hepatitis B or C.
• Have a clotting-factor disorder.
• Have come into direct contact with others who have the virus.
• Are a man who has sex with other men.
• Have traveled to or will travel to countries where the virus is common

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