Hillary Clinton addresses Tampa voters, ‘love trumps hate’ full speech transcript

Now, can we do better?  Of course we can.  Can we be fairer?  Can we provide more ladders of opportunity?  Yes, we can.  And that’s exactly what I intend to do if I’m given the great privilege of being your president.  I will work every single day to make your dreams come true, to make you believe that America’s future can be even better than our past.  We are a forward-looking nation, aren’t we? And I know that if we set our goals and we work to achieve them, we will.  It has always been thus.  This country has always delivered for the American people.

Now, we’ve had some challenging times.  We’ve taken some detours.  It took a long time for some people to be given the same rights as everybody else.  We know that. But there is no place on Earth that historically has continued to move forward towards that more perfect union.  The last thing we need is somebody running for president who talks trash about America.

So I hope you know that this campaign is really going to take a lot of work.  I hope you will join us.  I hope you will take your phones out and text, ‘join,’ J-O-I-N, 47246, or go to my website,hillaryclinton.com, to get involved.  And I want to tell you this, especially the young and young at heart. We are hiring organizers right here in Florida.  If you would like to apply, go to that website.  We want the very most energetic, enthusiastic people because our success in the I-4 corridor is essential to our winning.

And I’m excited about this campaign because I believe that when it’s all said and done, all of the scary speeches with all the side effects are over, people have stopped yelling at us at the top of their lungs like they did all week, that we will choose to be stronger together. That’s what I’m counting on.  That’s what I, in my heart, believe, is the right course for our country.  It is the only course, the only course that leads us with confidence and optimism into the future.  And I know that we are up to the task.  I know we are. And particularly to all the young people who are here today, every election is always about the future.  This election is truly about your future.

So today in Orlando, when I asked everybody around the table what they wanted, what they needed, they basically said, ‘We need people to understand what we’ve gone through, to be there for us for the long term, to help us help all those who were affected in all the families, and we need to stand up against hate and divisiveness.’ And the best way I can sum up what I hope this election will lead to – the conclusion we will reach together in November and the work we will do for the next four years– is – it really is great to be among so many optimistic people – but here’s what I – here is what I want you to remember.  My last thought for you today.  Just remember, love trumps hate.”

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