HOLIDAY: Car smashes into Shari Bizier and Rodney Bizier’s home, just missing them in bed asleep

A driver in Holiday jumped the curb, raced through a yard and into the side of a house on Elkhorn Boulevard early Sunday morning, just missing residents, Shari and Rodney Bizier, asleep in their bed.

Bay News 9 tweeted about the incident, including a photo from their coverage: “Not quite the a couple in Holiday planned on. A car smashed into their bedroom this morning, nearly missing them. Thankfully they are both ok. The crash is under investigation. @BN9

Check out the photos below.

“My head was very close,” Shari Bizier said. “All of the sudden, I hear a bang, and I see everything flying.”

Authorities and fire officials were contacted as the crash sparked a minor fire as the car just missed the couple’s bed.

Everyone was reported to be okay and troopers took the driver in custody.

The crash is under investigation.

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