Ireland: Asian woman pushed into Royal Canal in racially motivated attack, Captured on video

Irish media report that Shirley Xiong of Castleknock was called a bunch of racially tinged things before being pushed into the Royal Canal in Dublin and the video of these teenage boys pushing her into the canal has gone viral on social media.

image/video screen shot

According to an Irish Times report, Ms Xiong was walking between Castleknock and Ashtown at around 7pm on Friday when she says a group of teenage boys rushed at her on bikes to make it seem like they were going to run her into the canal.

They said and shouted things like “coronavirus”, “Chinese noodles” and “fried noodles” at Ms. Xiong.

In the video, she is seen telling the young boys they should not “racially discriminate” before some of the boys then proceeded to push the woman into the canal.


The video has since been removed from TikTok.

Passers by stopped to help while she called gardaí (Irish police) to report the incident.

In a statement, gardaí confirmed they were investigating the incident and urged anyone who feels they have been the victim of a hate crime to report the matter directly to them.

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