Is Italy’s restrictive laws what you really want?

Twitter is always a wealth of foolish statements by people who continue to reveal their authoritarian streak. In a tweet today in response to another in the long line of nutritionist, Dr. Eric Ding‘s scare tweet strings:

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It’s in unvaccinated Florida where daily at Disney people stand in crowds to watch fireworks and mob lines, 90 minutes+ at time. And unvaccinated can still fly, take trains, buses in America. The Fed government is failing us by not enacting restrictive laws like Germany, Italy.

Italy…Really? Is that what you want?

In an article by Dr. Matteo Salonia this week, he describes what’s happening in Italy:

A couple of weeks ago, a new decree of the Draghi government established yet more rules restricting the lives of people who have not been injected with the latest vaccine booster and who therefore cannot show the latest version of the Green Pass. These second-class citizens, who have already been stripped of their right to move, work, and participate in a great number of social activities, are now forbidden from entering post offices to withdraw their pension, and they are to be allowed access to supermarkets only to buy “goods of primary necessity.” In other words, the Italian government decides what kind of food and what other goods (if any) these people will be able to purchase. It is unclear how exactly the government intends to enforce this new decree: Will we see policemen putting their hands into shoppers’ bags? Will bread be considered a “primary” good while shaving foam and candies will be seized? There is no limit to the madness.

Isn’t that the truth…Only on Twitter.

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