Jennifer Rubin is just wrong about everything: Case in point–Andrew Cuomo

In case you don’t know who Jennifer Rubin is, she writes a daily opinion piece at the Washington Post and if you even take a rudimentary glance at her work, you’ll quickly see she is just wrong about everything. Just awful.

She is a version of Bill Kristol–stating everything incorrect on domestic and especially foreign policy- but is still considered a sound voice on cable news and elsewhere.

Why would anyone listen to Jennifer Rubin?

Case in point–Andrew Cuomo v. Ron DeSantis.

One year ago, Rubin tweeted about Gov. Cuomo: Watching Andrew Cuomo is inspiring, uplifting, fascinating. He weaves details and humor and math and common sense all together. He is magnificent. Let’s just listen to him.

She also wrote in July about Cuomo’s news conferences saying they were “really tutorials on managing the crisis”. All this while 1000s were dying in nursing homes.

She later wrote in the same column from July 2, criticizing then President Trump: Cuomo had some suggestions for Trump, as well. He said: “It’s time for the president to actually tell the truth. The first thing he can do? Come clean with the American people, admit the threat of this virus. Admit you were wrong. It’s not an admission. Everybody knows you were wrong.”

That is rich for Cuomo to say and rich that Rubin would right about it to praise Cuomo and denigrate Trump (Yes, I’m quite aware Mr. Trump could have handled the situation better).

In a April 1, 2020 post going after Florida Gov Ron DeSantis, Rubin writes in her great wisdom: This was a state [Florida] that could have benefited from the foresight of other hot spots in the country, such as New York, Illinois, Maryland and California. DeSantis could have observed the news conferences of both Republican and Democratic governors who took the initiative to close schools, shutter businesses and mandate social distancing — all measures we know will save lives by slowing the spread of the virus and preventing the health-care system from being overrun.

Could Jennifer Rubin be more wrong?

She goes on: DeSantis’s delay in taking steps to save lives — steps that are patently obvious — is reckless in the extreme and morally indefensible. DeSantis will be morally — if not legally — responsible for hundreds if not thousands of preventable deaths.

The irony is dripping.

We’ve all seen the charts. We all know, thanks to the science, that closing schools is unnecessary and harmful, shuttering businesses were devastating to those state economies without any discernable difference to the pandemic. We’ve all seen the charts.

I’m still looking for Rubin’s Op-Ed blasting Cuomo and an admission on her mistake about the state of Florida.

But like her peer, Bill Kristol, who is consistently incorrect, she’ll keep on spouting out her nonsense in the Washington Post and be invited on cable news.

More irony…on her Twitter page profile it states, “If right doesn’t matter, we are lost.”

Yes, Jennifer, you are lost.


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