John Bachman to Dave Rubin: Less local news investment is very problematic

Newsmax reporter John Bachman discussed the media, the move away from network news due to corporatization and more during a new interview with Dave Rubin on Rubin’s show “The Rubin Report.”

“There was less autonomy at the local level for reporters like myself and anchors to pursue stories that I felt like were really important to our audience. There were a lot of mandates from the corporate offices…edicts from mount high and we’re going to focus on this,” Bachman recounted during the first few minutes of the talk, explaining how he had become jaded with the television business.

“I think that’s problematic with our country right now,” he continued. “…with a lot less local news, a lot less investment in local news, less coverage of the places where the rubber really meets the road in our democracy.”

Bachman lists off different local government functions and how there can be breakdowns to execute national plans, using Operation Warspeed and the COVID-19 vaccine rollout as an example.

“This really is where our focus really needs to be now.”

The video segment released today, watch below, is the first part of a longer sit down interview with Rubin.

While discussing Newsmax, Bachman discusses being called a “traitor by the far right” for calling Joe Biden President elect as well as being attacked by the far-left for carrying President Trump’s recent address to America.

“What we try to do is chart a different path and  provide information that wasn’t being provided for a lot of people and that …has become a radical idea.”

Bachman hosts Bachman Now on Newsmax and is well known in Florida after years of work in the Sunshine State.

John Bachman

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