Krassenstein steps in it again when tweeting about ‘Gestapo’

The Krassenstein Brothers, in the guise of Heidi Krassenstein, have did it again on Twitter. Last time I featured the brothers they said, “you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about” when talking about Democratic Socialism.

More recently, they apparently can’t keep track of all the smack they spew on Twitter.
It was a reply to the Biden vaccine mandates that were announced on September 9. Apparently the term “gestapo” was thrown around on the social media cesspool.

This bothered Krassenstein who tweeted: This is America. There is no “Gestapo” here. If you think otherwise, you need to pick up a book.

Who needs to pick up a book? Let’s look.

On July 22, 2020, she, he or they tweeted: When this happened in Nazi Germany, no one acted to stop it. The rest is horrific history. #GestapoTrump

The next day: Breaking: While peacefully listening to his constituents last night, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was tear gassed by Trump’s gestapo. This is Trump’s America!

Trump is officially a dictator.

No gestapo here? Come on Heidi or whoever is behind the Wizard’s curtain…you may need to pick up a book.


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