Lakeland police say speed to blame for Michael Marrero losing control in car crash which killed three

Speed is to blame for the death of three young people who died in a horrific car wreck on Highway 98 in Lakeland Saturday night, just before midnight.

Lakeland Police said Brittany Lewis, 24, Christopher “CJ” Stewart, 22, and Kathrin “Katie” Pitock, 22, all of Lakeland, died in that crash and says that Michael Marrero, 26, lost control if his Volkswagen which crossed over into the northbound lanes, and hit Stewart’s vehicle, a Nissan. Investigators said Stewart and Pitock died instantly. Lewis died in the hospital.

Marrero was taken to a local hospital and remains in stable condition, according to investigators, who claim the man was just driving too fast

Sgt. Terri Smith with Lakeland Police said charges are likely, but advised that the investigation is ongoing.

Stewart’s mother, Donna Collogan, spoke to Fox 13 about the incident and was the first to learn of the crash.

“I fell to the ground and just cried,” said Collogan.

Stewart’s family said the group was riding together, taking Lewis home. Stewart and Pitock were dating. Lewis had been friends with Stewart since high school.

“ I lost my baby,” said Collogan through tears. “He was my first son. My only son and he was a brother, an uncle, my world. I don’t know how I’m going to go on with this.”

“If you feel you need to speed and need to have that adrenaline rush, take it where it needs to be,” said Collogan. “Take it to the racetracks, take it where it’s legal to do.”

Sgt. Terri Smith with Lakeland Police said charges are likely. The investigation is ongoing.

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photo ElasticComputeFarm

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