Pregnant woman's belly closeup with a baby inside, conceptual motherhood image

Marie Claire: We need more ABORTIONS on TV, in FILM; it can be “a serious act of love’

A new post in Marie Claire is calling for more abortions. The NEW VIDEO on the topic is below.

Some highlights:

“Because there are also shockingly few depictions of parents, particularly parents of color, having abortions, it reinforces this false dichotomy between people who have abortions and people who have children,” adds Steph Herold, a researcher in the Abortion Onscreen program at ANSIRH. “We know the reality is that they’re the same person at different points in their lives.”

“[These moms] make those decisions as experts in their own lives. They don’t have to guess, they know how much time raising a child requires, even under the best of circumstances,” Erika Christensen, a mom and patient advocate for those seeking late-term abortions explains. “That is great to see since society is so uncomfortable with any portrayal of motherhood that doesn’t center martyrdom.”

“I think the most radical reconception that needs to happen with respect to abortion, especially parenting people who have abortions, is for people to realize that it can be a serious act of love to have an abortion,” Merritt Tierce, a television writer and showrunner, says. “And for people who have kids, that is the number one decision-making factor. If they feel like they can’t handle another child, what’s driving that decision is the desire to give the children they already have the best possible life.”


Pregnant woman's belly closeup with a baby inside, conceptual motherhood image
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