North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital Takes Proactive Measures to Combat Risks Associated With the Coronavirus

North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital is closely monitoring developments associated with COVID-19, and we are taking all necessary steps to ensure the continued well-being of our patients and staff.

“We understand the potential threat that the coronavirus poses to communities throughout the nation, and we will continue to act with all due diligence to protect our patients and staff until this epidemic has been eradicated,” said Chief Executive Officer Clint Hauger.

Our efforts are guided by the information that is being disseminated by reputable and authoritative sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As part of the Acadia Healthcare network, we are also benefiting from continued guidance and recommendations from various corporate departments and leadership staff.

At North Tampa Behavioral Health Hospital, our efforts thus far have included steps such as the following:

  • Consistently monitoring CDC updates to ensure that all guidance followed is based on the latest information released
  • Increased measures and restrictions concerning visitation in order to remain in compliance with updated state regulations
  • Enhanced screening for infections such as the flu and COVID-19
  • Assessing all resources and practices to ensure that our current infection control plan has the required elements
  • Increasing awareness with reminders and reviews of our infection control and prevention practices and procedures with all staff members, and monitoring for compliance
  • Communicating with our local health department to receive important community-specific updates
  • Posting additional informational signs such as hand-washing reminders to increase compliance

We will continue to review all updates from our local health authorities as well as from the WHO and CDC. We will also continue to assess our infection control and prevention procedures on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are effective and consistent with the best practices as established by these organizations.

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