Ontario: Dr. Richard Schabas says ‘Misguided efforts to control COVID-19 only compounding the tragedy’

Former Chief Medical Officer of Health in Ontario, Dr. Richard Schabas sent a letter to premier of Ontario, Doug Ford earlier this week backing up a letter earlier from MPP Roman Baber requesting Ford to change course on COVID-19.

Image by Ilka Lünstäden from Pixabay

The five point letter detailed problems with risk, ICU bed capacity and lockdowns. “MPP Roman Baber sent you a public letter calling on your government to change course on Covid,” said Dr. Schabas. “He made five key points and I believe he was correct on all five.”

“Lockdowns was never part of our pandemic response nor is it supported by strong science”, Baber writes and Schabas concurs.

He also talks about the cost of lockdowns outweighs the benefits compared to more moderate public health measures–lost education, unemployment, social isolation, deteriorating mental health and compromised access to health care.

The government was also accused of fearmongering to encourage compliance to the lockdowns.

Dr Schabas closes his letter to Ford-“Our well intentioned but misguided efforts to control COVID-19 are only compounding the tragedy. We need to change course. No one has all the answers but the first step is to ask the right questions.”

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