Pam Bondi opposes Aetna and Humana proposed merger, Florida AMA applauds

“The FMA applauds Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s decision to join seven other state attorneys general, the District of Columbia, and the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division in a legal challenge to stop the proposed merger of Aetna and Humana.


“We commend Attorney General Bondi’s leadership in taking an active role in scrutinizing the proposed merger, listening to the physician community’s concerns about the anticompetitive effects the proposed merger would have on Florida’s health insurance market, and taking strong action to ensure that Florida does everything it can to preserve competition in the Medicare Advantage marketplace.

“Florida, with a large senior population, would be especially affected by the proposed merger, with the threat being most acute in nine Florida counties – Broward, Charlotte, Duval, Manatee, Martin, Polk, Sarasota, St. Johns and St. Lucie.

“Allowing a combined for-profit health insurance behemoth to dominate the health insurance market in Florida is not in the best interests of patients.  If approved, the merger would further empower a combined Aetna/Humana to contract with fewer physicians, limit choice for patients, increase wait times for referrals and increase premiums.  The FMA opposes the proposed merger precisely for this reason, and believes that it is essential to foster a more competitive marketplace that will operate in the patient’s best interests.

“FMA, with assistance from the AMA and the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, has expressed its concern over the Aetna/Humana merger for months, urging action through several meetings and correspondence, and providing the Attorney General’s office with solid evidence demonstrating the anticompetitive effects of the proposed merger.”

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