Peru COVID-19 cases now 230K, Ivermectin prepared for treatment of patients

Peru’s Ministry of Health reports as of Sunday, 1,360,839 people have been tested for COVID-19 and to date, 229,736 positive cases have been reported.

This puts Peru at 8th globally in COVID-19 cases.

Image/Robert Herriman

Lima continues to be the region with the highest number of COVID-19 cases to date with 132,186.

To date, the country has seen 6,688 COVID-19 deaths.

In related news, in 10 days, a Ministry of Health hospital prepared a thousand vials of the drug, ivermectin, saving 82% on the cost of the final price.

More than a thousand vials of ivermectin have been prepared by pharmaceutical chemists at the Hipólito Unanue National Hospital (HNHU) of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) for the treatment of patients affected by COVID-19.

Given the great demand at the national level for this medicine, the HNHU Pharmacotechnics service, through masterly formulas, produces 100 vials of ivermectin 6mg / ml x 5ml daily, with which it primarily supplies hospital demand and patients with home treatment; and it even has the capacity to supply another hospital center.

To achieve the production of the drug, the Hospital directly buys ivermectin for medical use (solid), the necessary excipients for its elaboration and amber glass dropper bottles to give stability to the master preparation, in addition the direct preparation allows saving 82 % of the final cost in hospital pharmacies.

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