Police identify Damire Palmer, Damarquay Jovan in Michigan assault attack in Macy’s

The Flint Township Police Department in Michigan have identified the two persons of interest in the Macy’s assault attack on a white employee as Damire Canell Palmer and Damarquay Jovan.

Investigators say an employee at The Macy’s was assaulted by a man who then ran away with a second person.

Those two, Palmer, 18, of Mount Morris and 22-year-old Damarquay Jovan of Flint Township, are now linked to the incident and police are seeking consultation with the two men and hear their statement.
Police say store surveillance cameras confirmed the assault against the employee.

Investigators later learned the alleged assault was recorded on video and the second individual shared it on social media.

Anyone who knows the whereabouts of these individuals is urged to contact Detective Hart (810) 600-3250, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL (5245) or go to www.crimestoppersoffint.com

Damire Palmer (left) and Damarquay Palmer (right) are persons of interest in the attack at the Macy’s on June 15th. (Photos from Flint Twp. Police)

This viral video filmed inside the Macy’s at the Genesse Valley Center Mall shows a man hitting an employee, knocking him to the ground and hitting him again while using the “n” word over and over.

You can also hear the employee repeatedly saying, “I’m sorry.”

The video was originally posted on Rapper FT Quay’s Facebook page which has since been deactivated.

Flint Township police were called to the Macy’s around 5:45 p.m. Police say a store employee was assaulted by one young man while a second man filmed it.

Macy’s responded with a statement saying in part, “All the materials from the evening have been reviewed and it is clear the attack was unprovoked.”

Adding that, “Macy’s and mall management have added additional security to ensure our customers and colleagues can safely enjoy their shopping experience.”