Dr. Kent Sepkowitz’s new op-ed at CNN proves again that facts do not matter if they do not align with the agenda. Yes, agenda. Bias may be inherent in humans; therefore, influential in all forms of media and commentary. What has become  clear is the anti-Trump, anti-Republican agenda. At CNN,Continue Reading

On March 30, a 92-year-old female Hillsborough County resident diagnosed with COVID-19 passed away. This is the third person to die in the county while diagnosed with COVID-19. To date, Florida has reports 85 COVID-19 deaths with Palm Beach County (14) and Broward County (12) reporting the most. Statewide, theContinue Reading

Hillsborough County Emergency Management announced today they have secured 1,000 additional testing collection kits from the State of Florida in anticipation of re-launching its COVID-19 community collection testing site at Raymond James Stadium. Officials are still working to secure the needed personal protective equipment that is required by the medicalContinue Reading